Sets the pace for your days

Ritmus® Bread

A bread from the Smart Food® family, high in wheat bran fiber and other ingredients with similar nutritional benefits.

A delicious, nutritious, cost-effective, innovative product, preservable in its own packaging. Its unique ingredients set the pace for your days.
Ritmus® Bread

A common problem

Ritmus® Bread is not only delicious and nutritious, but its unique ingredient helps speed up the removal of unnecessary waste products from your body.

When the pace slows downRitmus® butterfly

Almost all of us are familiar with the discomfort of slow digestion, or have experienced it at least once. Those who face this problem regularly or occasionally:

  • tend to avoid company,
  • are often unable to concentrate on their work,
  • their mood tends to,
  • are unable to get enough rest fluctuate,
  • avoid intimate relationships,
  • are reluctant to travel.
To sum it up,

their quality of life deteriorates.

Ritmus® Science

Ritmus® Science

The efficacy and safety of Ritmus® Bread and its special ingredients have been demonstrated in a clinical study of 199 volunteers, suffering from the constipation subtype of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

An 8-week study with a sophisticated research design (prospective, placebo-controlled, crossover, randomized, double-blind) showed that Ritmus® Bread (termed BUGI 3.0 in the clinical trial) and its unique ingredient relieved the symptoms of the volunteers significantly more than the placebo product.

Doctors and volunteers both agreed on the effectiveness of Ritmus® Bread.

Follow your own rhythm

You can easily fit Ritmus® Bread into your diet. By consuming it regularly and following the rhythm of your usual diet, you get healthy nutrients without paying extra attention.

Ritmus® butterfly

The recommended daily portion of this product is up to 200 g. Eat Ritmus® Bread as part of a balanced and varied diet.

Drink sugar-, caffeine- and alcohol-free liquids, at least 2 liters a day. Regular exercise can also benefit you.

People who are sensitive to any of the ingredients should not consume this product. The consumption of this product is not recommended for individuals with Crohn's disease, and those with inflammatory or similar bowel diseases.

Follow your own rhythm

Smart Food®

Ritmus® Bread is a member of the Smart Food® brand family. You can find more information on the Smart Food® concept and other similar products by clicking on the following links:

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